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Introduction to Gospel-Centered Counseling (Fall 2016)

This training workshop, led by Ryan Bailey, is designed to help participantslearn the basic skills required in a typical biblical counseling relationship. By exploring empathy skill development, participants begin to learn that they possess many of the qualities necessary to work with another individual, couple, or family going through difficulties. Attendees learn how to apply the basic principles taught in the book of Job to become a better listener and partner in the work of the Holy Spirit in another individual’s heart. Through identifying core beliefs, participants are encouraged to conceptualize many of the problems facing a typical congregations in a new light - one in which the Gospel really is the power to change. This training is not about teaching you to give the “right” advice but, rather, it prepares you to come alongside another image bearer, meeting them where they are, and walking them closer to the cross.

Full Workshop (slides | handouts)

Session 1:  (part 1, part 2)

Session 2:  (part 1, part 2)

Session 3:  (part 1, part 2)