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Missions - Translation


Everyone needs to hear the Good News in a language they know and understand. According to Wycliffe Bible translators there are 3,945 languages without Scripture! Translation work is happening today in more than 1,000 languages, impacting a billion people! These servants ensure that the translations and other literature are available in digital form to all who want it. They also educate children and adults to read and write in the languages they value most.


David & Lynn Frank—Wycliffe (Creole)

tr-david-and-lynnDavid and Lynn Frank serve with Wycliffe as Linguists and Translators. Their initial assignment was in St. Lucia, where they worked among the people for 16 years to translate the Bible into their French Creole language. since then, they have also served completing the Gullah New Testament translation which is widely used in the coastal regions of Georgia and South Carolina. Currently, they serve as consultants on a number of translation projects around the world. Their specialty is in the Creole language. David is also the editor of the Journal Of Translation.

Paul & Maggie Frank—SIL International

tr-paul-and-maggiePaul Frank has been the Executive Director of SIL LEAD, a subsidiary of SIL International and a Wycliffe partner. SIL seeks projects in which language experts can serve other development organizations working with minority/local languages. Often their work is at the national level (for example, with the Ministry of Education of a country) rather than at the community level. This is an additional way that our mission can serve various communities. After leading the organization for ten years, Paul will be supporting the new SIL Director and begin serving in a new leadership role. Please pray for God to lead Paul and Maggie clearly through this transition as they continue to serve.