Summer Sunday Service Times, July 7-August 4: Morning Services, 9:15am & 11:00am; Evening Service, 6:00pm

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Our Mission & Vision

Welcome to Westminster Presbyterian Church!

Our Mission and Vision is to:

Glorify God

  • worshiping God with joyful reverence that embodies Biblical principles

By Gathering and Perfecting the Saints

  • seeking to grow in holiness and reach the lost through the Gospel

Through the Ordinary Means of Grace

  • focusing on the authoritative Word of God in our preaching and teaching;
  • emphasizing prayer throughout the church community and in our ministries; and
  • faithfully administering the sacraments of Covenant Baptism and the Lord's Supper

In the Context of Relational Fellowship

  • connecting and caring for one another through discipleship and intentional fellowship

Unto Faith, Repentance, and New Obedience

  • realizing our fallen condition and the unmerited redemption we have in Christ through faith,
  • we therefore endeavor to daily repent of our sins and pursue new heart obedience in Christ as we await our future rest in eternity with our Savior