Summer Sunday Service Times, July 7-August 4: Morning Services, 9:15am & 11:00am; Evening Service, 6:00pm

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Biblical Fellowship (Fall 2021 to Spring 2022)

In this class, Ryan Bailey teaches about biblical fellowship from a counseling perspective.

Week 1: What Is Biblical Fellowship? (handout)

Week 2: Obstacles to Biblical Fellowship (handout)

Week 3: Core Drivers (handout)

Week 4: Warring Core Beliefs (handout)

Week 5: Questioning and Curiosity (handout)

Week 6: Listening and Empathizing (handout)

Week 7: Sharing with MOPing (handout)

Week 8: MOPing and the JAR Principle (handout)

Week 9: Review: Stirring Up One Another to Love and Good Deeds

Week 10: Review: Obstacles to Biblical Fellowship

Week 11: Different Forms of Help

Week 12: When to Advise, When to Listen

Week 13: How to Ask Powerful Questions

Week 14: Shame, Part 1 (handout)

Week 15: Shame, Part 2

Week 16: Shame, Part 3

Week 17: Shame, Part 4

Week 18: Shame, Part 5

Week 19: Shame, Part 6

Week 20: Encouragement

Week 21: Preparing for Biblical Fellowship

Week 22: Initiate, Facilitate, & Participate

Week 23: Boasting

Week 24: Review: Getting to the Heart

Week 25: Review: Questioning, Listening, Sharing

Week 26: Review: Applications of Fellowship