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Missions - Africa


This continent has the second largest land mass population and is host to 54 different nations with over 1.34 billion people. The three main religions are Traditionalism, Christianity, and Islam. Increased urbanization, political and cultural differences, and poorly developed infrastructure are all challenges to those who bring the Good News! Please pray for the church there and our friends who serve.


Tim and Andrea Kay—African Bible College

af-kayAfter 20 years of ministry in the PCA, Tim and Andrea joined the staff of African Bible Colleges in 2015, where they served until 2023. Now they are delighted to be serving the people of Africa through Edgewood Ministries and The 18.26 Network. In his role as Executive Director of Edgewood Ministries, Tim is using his over 30 years of ministry experience in the US and in Africa to equip pastors and ministry leaders in Uganda and across East Africa. The four primary areas of focus for Edgewood’s work in Africa are: pastor training, church planting, university campus ministry, and economic development. The Kays are also very excited to now be a part of the 18.26 Network serving as the regional leadership couple for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Donna—East Africa

Donna serves among a traditionally nomadic people group in East Africa. These people are hospitable but have more recently been known for being ravaged by drought and war. Her team builds relationships through teaching English and sharing the Word with those who are open to the gospel, while looking for opportunities to support the few believers. Donna lives in a multi-cultural neighborhood where her young adult students are open to discussing new ideas.  The team goals are to see church-planting movements among this people both in Africa and in the Western world where many have moved.